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Chakra & Aura Healing Session

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 A general chakra & aura healing session consists of: 

* Clearing debris from the aura
* Chakra clearing and balancing
* Removal of any energy/emotion blockages that come to my attention
* A specialized focus on particular chakras/areas where healing is most needed.
* Energetic cord-cutting
* Aura repair and sealing

30 minute sessions allow me to work on each individual chakra for a few minutes as well as the energy bodies briefly.

60 minutes allows me to focus on more of the chakras and each of the standard reiki hand positions, which might be more beneficial for those with physical health problems.

A full session is 3 hours in length and focuses on all of the above, plus the traditional reiki hand positions for an extended period of time, allowing energetic problems to be resolved more deeply and thoroughly. 

For a preview of my work and to see other's experiences, I invite you to check out my distance reiki videos on my YouTube channel! These are usually brief sessions. On their own, they usually aren't enough to resolve all of the energetic problems that I work on. I have had some very dramatic results with these short 15-30 minute sessions!


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