Runic Reiki with the Energy of Wunjo

distance healing distance reiki energy healing happiness joy

This distance reiki video is for joy, success and accomplishment using the energy of the Wunjo rune. You can play this before job interviews, business endeavours, important meetings, dates or in any other event that you’d like to be successful. It might also help if you’re feeling down and depressed. I’m also pulling junk from the second and third chakra. It works on energetic blockages that might interfere with success. I opted to not talk at the beginning of this video and cut straight to the reiki, because sometimes it's annoying when you're listening to a reiki video playlist and then get interrupted with intermittent talking that startles you out of relaxation mode. (hah) I wanted to do a different reiki video today but I'm starting to use tarot cards to choose which one would be most helpful in the moment. Apparently, some of you guys need the energy of Wunjo, lol.

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