Reiki for Panic Attacks

anxiety distance reiki panic attacks

A brief distance reiki healing session for those suffering from panic attacks or anxiety in general. 

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Runic Reiki for Financial Abundance

abundance distance reiki energy financial healing reiki

I’ve been working on developing a system of energy healing that uses runes to direct life force energy. (Vril, reiki, prana or whichever term you prefer to use.) One of the awesome things I’ve discovered so far is using life force energy with runes to send the energy of that rune to yourself or someone else, which seems almost like an effective form of rune magick in and of itself. This technique I use to help with financial abundance using the Fehu rune.

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Video Testimonial: V.K. Jehannum's Rite of the Veil-Gods

testimonial video

This is a video testimonial for a new magickal service that VK Jehannum will be offering soon. It is a magickal empowerment rite in which he calls upon the Watchers and I believe a few others to empower a witch’s magickal abilities.

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Runic Reiki with the Energy of Wunjo

distance healing distance reiki energy healing happiness joy

This distance reiki video is for joy, success and accomplishment using the energy of the Wunjo rune. You can play this before job interviews, business endeavours, important meetings, dates or in any other event that you’d like to be successful. It might also help if you’re feeling down and depressed. I’m also pulling junk from the second and third chakra. It works on energetic blockages that might interfere with success.

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Reiki for Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder

add adhd attention deficit disorder distance reiki energy healing healing

This is an experimental reiki video that I thought of when I was in psychology class. Its meant to act in the brain in the same way that Adderall or other stimulants that are commonly prescribed for it might do. I wasn’t sure if that’s even possible, but I can guarantee you reiki energy is being sent to the parts of your brain that are implicated in AD/HD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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